We Love Our Pets – Tell Your Pet Story

Dogs by sensitivetochemicals.comI am chemically sensitive and I have dogs. Many people are surprised to learn that I have dogs because they assume, because of my chemical sensitivity, I am allergic to them.

I explain to people that I am sensitive to man-made chemicals. I don’t have any problems with the things God created. There are people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) who are allergic to animals and have severe environmental allergies. But many people with MCS are able to have animals in their home.

People with MCS and other chronic illnesses live isolated lives. If they have pets, those pets are a very important part of their life. Speaking for myself, I spend more time with my pets than I do with other human beings because my chemical sensitivity makes being in public so difficult.

My dogs are important to me. Since I spend so much time home alone, I love having a living creature in the house with me. I talk to my dogs. They are appreciative when I feed them, when I let them outside or back in, and when I offer them a treat. They make me laugh. Sometimes they frustrate me. There have also been times that they have given me a reason to get up in the morning. Living with a chronic illness is not easy but the companionship of an animal can make that challenge a little easier.

Tell a story about your pet

I enjoy telling others about my dogs and I enjoy hearing about other people’s pets. I could write volumes about my four-legged fur balls and I am sure you could write volumes about your pets.

I decided today to give all of you a chance to tell a true story about your pet – past or present. Of, if you want, you can tell a true story about someone else’s pet. Write your story in the comments.

My Pet Story

Dog #1:

He thinks one of his jobs is to empty the trash. We got a tall kitchen trash can with a lid and for years he has left the trash alone. He is back on the job. Dog with trash by sensitivetochemicals.com

Dog #2:

His favorite toy is a cereal box. He loves to grab a cereal box and run back and forth with it, or he will lay down and chew the box. The other day Dog #2 looked lost. He wandered around the house, he came and sat by me and woofed and then walked away again. He found a ball which he bumped with his nose and then came back and woofed at me again. He walked away, came back and woofed several times before I realized he didn’t have a cereal box. We had a box sitting on the counter waiting for him. He was so excited to have a brand new cereal box that he grabbed it and started running back and forth with it.

Dog #2 with cereal box

What is your pet story?

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