Screwdriver – A Tool for Every Kitchen

There is a kitchen tool that every cook should have. In fact, you probably already have this tool but you might not have thought about using it in the kitchen when you cook.

The kitchen tool I am talking about is a common flathead screwdriver. I have one in my knife drawer. It has a rubber handle so I can put it in the dishwasher. My family knows that this screwdriver is for food and is not to be used for household repairs. I do keep a separate one in a different place in my kitchen for household repairs.

How I use a screwdriver in my kitchen?

The screwdriver has a natural wedge. It is great for separating frozen foods.


The screwdriver is strong enough to separate frozen meats and also slender enough to separate frozen bread slices without breaking the bread.

Many people will use a knife for some of these tasks, but a tool that won’t bend and that doesn’t have a sharp edge is much safer.

For difficult jobs such as frozen hamburger patties, I have even used a hammer with the screwdriver.

When you get your new screwdriver for the kitchen, you might think of buying a pink one. Pink screwdrivers are not likely to end up in the tool box in the garage.

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