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What is hope?

I could give you a definition of hope but I won’t. If you want the dictionary definition, you will have to look it up.

My thoughts:

I say that hope is something that gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you going every day even when life is difficult.

Hope is something that comes from within.

Hope is not something that someone else can give you, BUT when that light of hope starts to flicker and you feel like it will go out, someone else can share their light and hold your hand in the dark.

When your light has gone out, hang on to someone else’s hand and don’t let go until your light of hope has rekindled.

If your light is still strong, reach out to others and hold their hand. You never know if your smile, a kind gesture, or just a little patience will be life changing or life saving for them.

And, if you did reach out but they opted not to take your hand, you did not fail because they know they were loved.

Never Lose Hope

I just read a blog post Never Lose Hope from Sonda, a fellow blogger. She is a kind soul who reaches out to many. I encourage you to read her post.


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