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Your highest priority . . .

Your highest priority should be? Your situation: You go to work and you can tell that the environment in your work place is negatively affecting your health. What do you do? You need a paycheck so you continue working in that environment even if you go home every night feeling sick. You don’t take sick […]




Could They Be Chemically Sensitive?

This is a re-run. Could they be chemically sensitive? We walk down the street and look at people and make judgments about them. Some of those judgments are right and some are wrong.




What I have learned from blogging

I started blogging more than two years ago. Recently I have been thinking about what I have learned while blogging. What I have NOT learned: This post is not about how to blog or the technology involved with blogging.


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A Positive Attitude Helps

This post is a re-run. While I am working on another project that involves computer work, I am giving my shoulder a break and not spending as much time on my blog.  Attitude Helps Before I say anything else, just so it is understood, I want to clarify that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a […]

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Scents on airplanes? Please, NO!

I saw this article this morning and I wanted to scream NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!! Scents on Airplanes Airlines want to include scent in their airplanes and in

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I wrote the hotel

I told you that I didn’t go to Hawaii with my husband and his family. I wrote the hotel I decided to write a letter to the hotel. Actually, I wrote a letter to the CEO of the hotel chain where my family stayed.


Vertigo (Part 1) – I was a dizzy blonde

Since I have been blogging, many people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity have talked about having vertigo. Although I sometimes experience vertigo with my chemical sensitivity, it is not a first reaction of mine when I encounter chemicals. My first experience with vertigo was many years before I knew anything about chemical sensitivity.