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Clogged Sink? Chemical Free Fix

This morning I was running the dishwasher and my sink was filling up with water. That is NOT a good thing The plugged sink, actually a clogged pipe, caused a detour in our morning. Without chemicals or specials tools, in about 30 minutes




Does your state recognize Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

Do you ever wonder if what you are doing is making a difference? This map makes me think that those who are talking about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity




My Dog Day of Summer

Today turned into a dog day of summer. That’s not a bad thing but it is not how I planned my day. Besides running my dogs to and from the groomers (which was planned), I have been taking care of Visiting Dog.


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EcoWasher PRO by

I Put the EcoWasher Through the Ringer

I put the EcoWasher® through the ringer I posted an EcoWasher® PRO Review last week. This is my post to tell you the specifics of how I tested the EcoWasher® PRO.


I Am Not My Illness

It seems that once someone becomes ill, they become that illness. Do you feel that way? Do you feel like all your interactions with others revolve around your illness?


Could They Be Chemically Sensitive?

Could they be chemically sensitive? We walk down the street and look at people and make judgments about them. Some of those judgments are right and some are wrong.

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How to Cut Watermelon

When I bring a watermelon home from the grocery I “chunk” half of it and put the other half in the frig. If I cut the watermelon into cubes and put it in a bowl in the frig, I am more likely to snack on it than the cookies in the freezer.