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Hot Lunch Without a Microwave

On a cold day a hot lunch tastes better than a cold sandwich and on any day homemade tastes better than eating out. If you have food sensitivities or allergies, eating out may not even be an option. Not everyone who works or goes to school has access to a refrigerator and a microwave.




Fragrance Free Means . . .

Fragrance free means more than “No Perfume”. I have come to the conclusion that going fragrance free is a learned skill. Why you need to be fragrance free My chemical sensitivity has required me to reduce chemicals in my life and fragrance is one (or 50 – fragrance is made up of a combination of chemicals)




I’m taking a snow day

  I’m taking a snow day I had planned a different post for today but this morning I woke up to snow. It was so beautiful that I decided to share some pictures.


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You are a Spoonie

Are you a spoonie? If you have a chronic illness, you have probably heard of the Spoon Theory. I think the spoon theory clearly explains the challenge


It is the chemical, not the smell

I speak for myself. But, when I have a reaction, it is the CHEMICAL, not the smell that causes me to react. Just because I smell

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Apple Pie Filling Recipe

Can you smell it? Imagine the smell of homemade apple pie cooking in your oven and how good it is going to taste. Next imagine that it only takes only a few minutes to make a homemade apple pie and put it in the oven. 


Are you on the map?

If you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). You are NOT alone. Check out this website